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Discover the Ultimate Executive Chair – President PU Black
28 June 2023

Unlock supreme comfort and style with our Executive Chair – President PU Black! Transform your workspace into an oasis of…

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Revolutionize Meetings with Leo CF PU Conference Chairs
28 June 2023

Elevate your conference room aesthetics with the Leo CF PU Conference Chairs. Exceptional comfort meets sleek design in Black and…

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How often should you do a warm-up at the office
31 March 2023

Hypodynamia is one of the most serious problems of our time. Nature created man for an active lifestyle, but our…

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Recliner: comfortable rest or waste of money
28 February 2023

Why you should know about such thing as a recliner and, most importantly, decide to buy this device? We learn…
A sofa with history, or what is interesting about the Barcelona model
31 January 2023

The Barcelona Sofa: A Timeless Icon of Furniture Design   Just think, a frequenter of offices, business centers, administration premises,…

Does your computer chair need care?
17 January 2023

How to Properly Care for Your Computer Chair for Extended Lifespan Modern office and computer chairs experience enormous loads every…

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Gaming chairs: is it worth overpaying or can you get by with a regular chair?
23 December 2022

Many connoisseurs of computer games prefer to purchase gaming chairs. They are great for people who spend a lot of…

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3 main differences between a gaming chair and an office chair
12 December 2022

Understanding the 3 Crucial Differences Between Gaming and Office Chairs First of all, furniture should be comfortable. You should choose…

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Cushion for the lower back: a marketing ploy or real comfort?
25 October 2022

Back pain is a constant companion of many office workers. Advertising offers many solutions to this problem, from massages to…

Exercises at work
25 October 2022

Staying Active at Work: Simple Desk Exercises for Everyday Wellness Office work is almost always associated with a long stay…

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How to sit in an office chair so as not to get tired
17 October 2022

We spend a lot of time in the office chair, whether it’s working days in the office or watching TV…

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Why does the back hurt: is it always the reason in the office chair?
17 October 2022

Back pain is an unpleasant and sometimes completely dangerous thing, giving a signal that some negative changes are taking place…

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How long will your office chair last?
17 October 2022

Comfortable chair is a significant component of arranging a convenient workplace for every office worker. However, their service life is…

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Top 5 Injuries You Can Get in the Office
17 October 2022

It is generally accepted that working in an office is safe, and it is much more difficult to get injured…

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Why is an office chair better than a normal chair?
17 October 2022

Why are comfortable chairs on wheels installed everywhere in offices: with an ergonomic back, armrests, lifting and rotation mechanisms? After…

Pros and cons of a chair with mesh upholster
10 October 2022

Chairs with a mesh back have long ceased to be something unusual. Now they are rather a recognizable symbol of…

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Choosing a chair for people with a height of 6 feet and above
1 September 2022

Most computer office chairs are designed for people of average height (from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 11…

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5 tips for choosing an office chair for people under 5 feet 5 inches tall
1 September 2022

Office chairs are often designed for people of tall or average height. And short-height people are uncomfortable with the chairs…