Gaming chairs: is it worth overpaying or can you get by with a regular chair?
23 December 2022

Gaming chairs: is it worth overpaying or can you get by with a regular chair?


Many connoisseurs of computer games prefer to purchase gaming chairs. They are great for people who spend a lot of time at the PC. However, are they really necessary? Maybe you can get by with a regular office model? Let’s figure it out.

Features of gaming chairs

Sitting in one position for a long time negatively affects the backbone. Back and cervical region pain is not uncommon for office workers. This also annoys gamers. That is why special chairs are being developed for them. Such models are distinguished by five characteristic features.

Durable base. During the game, gamers can violently express their emotions. In order for the chair to withstand shocks, sudden movements, a high strength reliable base is important. To ensure it, manufacturers use reinforced seat frames, rollers and crosses in the products disigne. High density fillers are also used.

Wear-resistant upholstery. Basically, eco-leather is used for gaming chairs. This PU coated tissue-based material combines high strength, breathability, abrasion resistance and attractive appearance. As a rule, such models are distinguished by a bright, catchy design. Eco-leather upholstery retains its original parameters for a long time. This is evidenced by the practice of professional tournaments, where such chairs are used.

Customization. Game versions of chairs are distinguished by a large number of adjustment mechanisms. They allow you to make settings based on the preferences (favorite posture) and features (weight, height, etc.) of the gamer. The more expensive the model, the easier it is to adjust the chair for yourself.

Anatomical shape of the seat. It is created taking into account the natural curves of the human body. This allows you to create high-quality support along the entire length of the backbone, fix it in the correct position. In turn, proper blood circulation, unloading of muscles is ensured.

Extra support. It is provided by the headrest and the lower back cushion. Support for problem areas eliminates the appearance of pain in them. It will be comfortable for a gamer to recline on a soft head cushion during the minutes of breaks between halves, individual rounds.

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