Does your computer chair need care?
17 January 2023

How to Properly Care for Your Computer Chair for Extended Lifespan

Modern office and computer chairs experience enormous loads every day. This is the constant impact of a person’s weight on structural elements, upholstery abrasion and household pollution. We will share the main rules how to properly care for chairs to extend their life.

Сleaning from dust

Dust must be removed at least once a week during normal office or home cleaning. Chairs with textile upholstery can be vacuumed using a special nozzle for furniture. Products made of leather or eco-leather must be wiped with a damp and then dry cloth. In this case, you need to move from top to bottom: start from the backrest, then go to the seat. If there are no stains on the fabric, you do not need to use chemicals for cleaning. Plastic or metal elements can simply be wiped with a damp cloth.

Checking fasteners

It should be done about once a month. During the operation of the chair, the bolts and nuts weaken. To properly distribute the load so that the furniture does not loosen, they must be regularly tightened and lubricated with oil for locks or a sewing machine – after that the fasteners should be wiped with a dry cloth.

Wheel lubrication

It is necessary to clean (manually and with a vacuum cleaner) and lubricate the wheels every six months. For this, you can use the same oil as for the fasteners.

Elimination of breakdowns

If the gas lift is out of order, the wheels or the 5-star base are broken, you should not continue to use the chair. You must either replace the defective part with your own or call a specialist who will fix the problem.

Important! In addition to normal wear and tear, improper handling of the chair can also lead to breakage. Do not use it as a stepladder or an object for children’s games (like a high-speed carousel), do not sit in a chair with your feet or exceed the permissible load.