Exercises at work
25 October 2022

Staying Active at Work: Simple Desk Exercises for Everyday Wellness

Office work is almost always associated with a long stay in one position at the computer. It is no wonder that many employees eventually feel pain in the neck, lower back, wrists, and by the end of the day, the whole body becomes numb. The easiest way to avoid this is gymnastics, which can be done right at the workplace. We will talk about several exercises in this article.

Basic set of tilting (left, right, forward, backward)

This is an easy and almost imperceptible way to stretch the muscles of the neck.

  • Turn your head to the left and then to the right several times to warm up.
  • Then make circular movements with your head, repeating several times clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Tilt your head forward and then backward.

Half squat

Of course, office clothes, especially a skirt, will not allow you to perform full-fledged squats, but a low-amplitude half squat works for you. In this case, the hands should be located at chest level, and the elbows should look to the sides. 10-15 squats in the middle of the working day will make you feel stiff legs much less.

Leg swings

If your workspace permits, swing back, holding onto the edge of your office desk. Do 10 swings with your left foot and another 10 with your right leg. This will relieve tension not only from the limbs themselves, but also from the lower back.

Knee exercises

In this exercise, the desktop will again help you:

  • holding the tabletop with your left hand, lift your right leg, bending it at the knee;
  • rotate it below the knee joint, kneading it: do 10 times in one direction and 10 times in the other;
  • then repeat the same with the left leg, holding the table with the right hand.

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