Cushion for the lower back: a marketing ploy or real comfort?
25 October 2022

Cushion for the lower back: a marketing ploy or real comfort?


Back pain is a constant companion of many office workers. Advertising offers many solutions to this problem, from massages to office chair cushions. You can buy both separately and together with it, removable or non-removable, and especially often they are equipped with gaming or ergonomic models. Is there any sense in the cushion or is it just marketing? We will tell in this article.

Why do you need a cushion

The main function of the cushion is to remove the load from the backbone, unload the lower back and keep it in the correct, physiological position. But does this element of the chair with its functionality? With the right choice – yes, it does. With a cushion, you stop slouching, which means that the load on the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments decreases.

Cylindrical. Many people think that such cushions are the best option. However, they are not suitable for everyone. Too large of a cylindrical pillow will cause your back to sag too much. It can lead to the opposite effect – cause back tension instead of relaxation. If you already have such a cushion, but you are uncomfortable with it, it is better not to use it.

Half-cylindrical or pillow-shape. This is a more versatile option, with which sagging in the lower back is not so big. Most likely, it will be convenient for almost everyone.

How to choose a cushion

In order for the cushion to really fulfill its functions, and not be just a part of the design, it is necessary to choose the right cushion model for the lower back. Follow a simple rule: the taller the person and the wider his back, the wider and more protruding the cushion should be. Only then you will feel true comfort. In addition, do not forget that if the chair already has a bend in the lumbar region, additional support elements are not required.