How to sit in an office chair so as not to get tired
17 October 2022

How to sit in an office chair so as not to get tired


We spend a lot of time in the office chair, whether it’s working days in the office or watching TV shows at home. How to sit in it correctly so as not to harm your health and, of course, not get tired? This issue is particularly acute today. In this article we will talk about the basic rules for a comfortable sitting in a chair.

How to adjust your chair

Even the simplest chairs today have the ability to adjust the seat height and backrest. It is necessary to bring all the elements in such a position in which:

  • feet are on the floor, knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees;
  • your back is completely on the backrest of the chair.

It’s minimum. If the chair offers more adjustment ways, you can adjust the height of the armrests and headrest.

How to sit down correctly

“Correctly” doesn’t always mean 100% comfortable. It may be comfortable for you to sit, lounging in a chair and throwing one leg on the table, but soon your lower back will begin to whine, your neck will numb, and your hands will ache without support. The correct position provides long-term comfort, as well as the absence of stress on the muscles, spine, joints. So, the right thing is when:

  • you are sitting straight. It is necessary to sit straight, without tilting to the sides – the spine and back muscles will be grateful to you for this;
  • you put your feet on the floor. Not on a 5-star base, as many people are used to. If the chair is lowered to the maximum, and your feet are still not on the floor, most likely the seat height does not suit you. This can be fixed with a special footrest;
  • you lean back against the backrest of the chair. The most important thing is the absence of a “failure” in the lower back. If it is, you should use a cushion;
  • you do not slide down. If this happens on its own, the seat angle may not be right for you. If there is a way to fix it, do so.

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