Why does the back hurt: is it always the reason in the office chair?
17 October 2022

Why does the back hurt: is it always the reason in the office chair?


Back pain is an unpleasant and sometimes completely dangerous thing, giving a signal that some negative changes are taking place in the body. Therefore, do not ignore back pain. But self-medication without going to the doctor is also not a solution to the problem. Let’s see why your back can hurt, if you lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, and in which cases you need to seriously think about the health of your backbone.

Why does your back hurt?

Back pain can be caused by a wide variety of factors. But we will immediately leave aside cases when the pain syndrome is caused by problems with the genitourinary system, malignant tumors and other serious diseases. Let’s talk about a common problem – back pain that occurs after a working day, which, however, can appear in the morning and disturb even at night. Orthopedists and neurologists are sounding the alarm: a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to health. And the first blow falls on the backbone. Scoliosis and osteochondrosis are diseases that affect an increasing number of people engaged in sedentary work. Lack of physical activity, prolonged static for many hours in a row create fertile ground for negative changes in the backbone. Hence the pain, constant fatigue and loss of efficiency.

We are changing the situation

Be careful when choosing an office chair. Yes, it can be the cause of back pain. An office chair should provide the most comfortable and correct position when sitting, unload the backbone, ensuring high productivity. You can find a wide selection of just such chairs here.

Move as much as possible. Ideally, get a gym membership. Although you can start with morning or evening daily walks. But the main thing is to do a simple set of exercises during the day while working. If this seems like an overwhelming task, get up more often, walk around the table, look out the window, do a couple of squats. In a word: move!

Give up bad habits, replacing them with healthy ones. Eat right, climb the stairs, set achievable goals for yourself and move on. Visit a doctor, go through an examination, having passed tests, drink a course of vitamins. Be cheerful. Taking these simple recommendations as a basis, you can not only relieve back pain, but also improve your health and well-being and feel the taste for life.