Recliner: comfortable rest or waste of money
28 February 2023

Recliner: comfortable rest or waste of money


Why you should know about such thing as a recliner and, most importantly, decide to buy this device? We learn and reveal all the secrets of the recliner in this jokey article.

So, what is recliner?

Remember any scene of films, someone (probably rich owner of the mansion) sat down in an ordinary-looking chair, pressed something here and there… and the chair magically turned out to be in a horizontal position. So now you know that this convertible chair was the recliner. Its function lies within the meaning of the word ‘recline’ – upper part of the body is in a horizontal position.

Well, this chair reclines, so what?

Sit in a chair, lean back, place your feet on a comfortable footrest, relax and forget about all the daily worries for at least half an hour … That is priceless. And some people even pay for it! Have you seen pay-per-minute massage chairs in shopping malls?

Types of recliners

There are not so many of them:

  • Mechanical recliners that unfold by means of a lever resembling a hand brake.
  • Power recliners with a power button. You need just to press the button to recline your chair.
  • Static recliners that already has an incline and separate footrest.

What progress has come!

Nowadays recliners not only show you the possibility of comfortable reclining option, but also repeat the anatomical shape of your body. Thus, the effect of relaxation is greatly increased. Something has also been improved: now the chairs are stuffed not with plush, but with polyurethane foam or holofiber.

After all it is trendy.

To put such a chair at home or in the office is a matter of prestige. It is like a huge wall-to-wall aquarium or Newton’s pendulum made of gold. But if these examples are just feast for the eyes, then the recliner is much more. Yes, you can live without it, but why deny yourself a pleasure…It’s like if you keep a fancy service in your locker forever and never use it. And we offer you to get the best out of life right now and choose a recliner from our catalog.