Choosing a work chair using a virtual fitting
31 August 2022

Choosing a work chair using a virtual fitting


Shopping on the Internet saves time, but makes you doubt your choice. Is there enough space in the room for that pretty sofa? Does the new chair fit into the old interior? Now augmented reality technology helps answer these questions.

What is AR?

The abbreviation AR stands for augmented reality. The essence of this technology is to transfer virtual objects to the real world with the help of special devices, such as special glasses or helmets. Today, ordinary smartphones or tablets can be used as AR gadgets. You just need to open the camera on the device and add a virtual model to the real image.

Advantages of virtual furniture fitting

This is visually. Augmented reality technology literally brings objects into your space. Moreover, unlike the classic showroom, any configuration of furniture will be available to you in this mode. You can change the upholstery or angle with just one movement.

It’s comfortable. Previously, the large furniture buying required several visits to the store, detailed consultations and even measurements. Now you can decide how well the chosen model will look in a particular interior.

It’s fast. The more you know about a product, the faster you make a buying decision. Augmented reality will allow you to find out everything you need without leaving your home. It helps you to evaluate the style and dimensions of the furniture and even take a photo or a video to consult with the family.

Can you try?

Of course. Just go to the site, select the model you are interested in (from the Ergo or Bond TM) and then click the “Virtual Try-on” button. A QR code will appear on the screen. Scan it and then follow the link that opens. After you click on the screen, a virtual model of the chair will be loaded on your smartphone. The “View at home” button will allow you to place it in a real interior. In the future, you will be able to move the virtual model around the room, change the scale and angle and even take a photo or video of the chair in the interior.

We wish you happy shopping!