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Ergonomic Chair Ergo Grey Fabric Turquoise

Ergonomic Chairs
Ergonomic Chair Ergo Grey Fabric Turquoise

1599.00 AED

Plastic. Adjustable. With soft polyurethane overlays
Lumbar support
Swing mechanism
Synchro Mechanism With 4 locks. Slider seat
Gas cartridge
For parquet. Diameter rod 11mm.
Upholstery material
Packing material
Polyurethane foam density 22-25 kg/cu.m
Permissible load
180 kg
Assembly instructions
Recommended Height user
up to 170cm, 170-185cm, 185-200cm
Back Height
Age group

To begin with, the chair is designed to cater to individuals of various heights. It is equipped with a comfortable headrest whose height is modifiable to suit your stature. Further enhancing its adaptability is a depth-adjustable slider seat tailored to the length of your legs. This chair can comfortably accommodate individuals ranging from 155 to 190 cm in height thanks to the wide adjustment spectrum of the headrest and seat.

The Ergo chair’s armrests, crafted from tactile plastic that feels pleasant to the touch, are not just adjustable in height but can also be set in several intermediate positions.

Featuring seven rows of paired segments, the backrest of this chair is engineered to provide support to specific sections of your spine. Each segment is flexible, moving along with your body throughout the day to continually support your spine. Moreover, the lumbar support region is bolstered with an additional adaptive cushioning system to ensure optimal support.
Constructed using sandwich TW, the upholstery of the Ergo chair is a hypoallergenic fabric that facilitates efficient heat exchange and air circulation throughout your workday.

The chair is anchored on an original seamless cast steel crosspiece, with blackened upper edges and chrome plating throughout. This rugged construction enables it to withstand even the most demanding pressures.

Please note that the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the chair’s design. The chair’s color as depicted in the photo might slightly vary from the actual product. Dimensions may also vary by around +-20 mm.

Considered one of the top ergonomic chairs on the market, the Breedge brand is renowned for delivering outstanding office chairs at affordable prices. Unlike regular office chairs that limit movement and posture, this high-back office chair grants you total freedom. It enables you to assume your preferred pose in the chair as it has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of natural body positions. The armrests come with diverse settings, providing you with an array of positions for enhanced support.

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