Why is an office chair better than a normal chair?
17 October 2022

Why is an office chair better than a normal chair?


Why are comfortable chairs on wheels installed everywhere in offices: with an ergonomic back, armrests, lifting and rotation mechanisms? After all, it is much easier for management to buy normal cheap four-legged chairs: in both cases, the employee sits at a computer desk and works. In this article, we will tell you what significant disadvantages normal chairs have and why exactly the computer chairs are the most convenient option for the office.

Chair with legs: why not?

  • The inability to adjust height. The normal chair is designed for a person of average height: someone who is taller or shorter will simply feel uncomfortable working on it. And you can’t adjust the height, as in a computer chair.
  • Monolithic frame. A normal chair is not equipped with any mechanisms that can make the workplace more comfortable. You cannot lean back on it, the back cannot be adjusted to a comfortable position. Sitting on such a chair, an office worker finds himself in the same position all day: this is fraught not only with problems with the backbone in the future, but also with a lack of productivity at the present time.
  • The absence of legs. In the office, it is often necessary to quickly move from your desk to a colleague’s desk. In an office chair, you can do this in a matter of seconds without getting up, but you have to get up from the normal chair, move it and sit down again. It seems that this is fast, however, if all employees have chairs, the work slows down significantly.
  • Unrepresentable appearance. In a modern office, a normal chair looks out of place, while a chair on wheels fits organically into the environment.

What are the benefits of a chair on wheels?

As you might guess, the advantages of the chair are the opposite. They fit perfectly the office style, make it easy to move around the room. The wide range of height, backrest and entire seat adjustments provide employees with the comfort they need when they’re at their desk all day.

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