What to do if your office chair is squeaky?
1 September 2022

Unpleasant creaking interferes with the work, reduces productivity and may indicate problems with the chair. Therefore, you need to take care of the mechanisms of the chair so that the sound does not annoy you and the chair structure does not break. Breedge experts share their tips on what to do to make your office chair last as long as possible and do not make extraneous sounds.

Find the cause of the squeak

The most common causes:

  • loose bolts;
  • the dried up oil;
  • dirty part of the mechanism;
  • worn out parts;
  • breakdown in a specific part of the mechanism.

In the first two cases, it is enough to tighten the fasteners and lubricate the mechanisms. In the last two, you need to replace the parts.

Determine exactly where the creak is heard. The creak in the lower part is most likely related to a gas lift. If you hear squeaky noises when rotating – it is a bearing, when rocking – it is a rocking mechanism. Other details can also creak. Track exactly where the sound comes from.

Examine the desired part of the chair

The chair will need to be partially disassembled to get to the element that makes sounds. If the creak comes from the area where the gas lift and the bearing (its component part) are located, you need to remove the 5-star base and the mechanism.

To access the rocking system in models with an asynchronous mechanism, you need to remove the backrest.

Tighten the bolts and lubricate the parts

The most common causes are easy to fix.

  • Clean the mechanisms of dirt and old oil that may interfere with normal movement. You can use cleaning fluid, wipes and other devices.
  • Re-lubricate moving parts. WD-40 or other professional lubricant is suitable to. But it is better not to use folk remedies or solid oil: their characteristics are not suitable for chairs.
  • Tighten the bolts that hold the components of the chair together. This can usually be done with a screwdriver or wrench. If the threads have broken and the bolt is spinning, you can try to fix the situation with a thread sealant. Do not use the chair until the glue dries.

Replace some parts if it is necessary

Unfortunately, if the mechanism is broken, most often it can only be replaced. Write to the manufacturer and clarify the availability of such parts. Sometimes you can get a replacement under warranty. But in general, parts rarely break and the creak is easy to eliminate on your own.

Conduct prevention

Lubricate the chair every six months and tighten the bolts, as well as use it correctly. Do not sit with a running start, do not spin or swing too actively, do not overload the structure (follow the weight limits). If the air in the room is too dry and the temperature is high, lubricate the mechanisms more often. This is usually found in apartments whose windows face the sunny side. Also, the frequency of lubrication depends on how often you use the chair. If you sit on it daily for several hours, then lubrication will be required more often than once every six months. This also applies to tightening bolts.

If your chair is beyond repair, you can find a great model on the Breedge website. There are many ergonomic and stylish models in our catalog.