Pros and cons of a chair with mesh upholster
10 October 2022

Pros and cons of a chair with mesh upholster


Chairs with a mesh back have long ceased to be something unusual. Now they are rather a recognizable symbol of almost any office. This design has its fans and detractors. Let’s see if those who see more flaws in it are right, and whether it is worth making a choice in favor of a chair with mesh upholstery.

Benefits of a mesh chair

Let’s start with the clear benefits:

  • breathability – the mesh copes with the problem of heat dissipation and air circulation perfectly well. This is especially true in the hot season, when the desired coolness is so lacking, and prolonged sitting in chairs upholstered in artificial or natural leather causes discomfort;
  • lightness – due to the features of the mesh, which weighs almost nothing, the chair as a whole becomes lighter and more mobile. It also reduces the load on the base of the chair without changing the center of gravity;
  • excellent appearance and versatility – these chairs look modern, relevant and fit perfectly into the interior in any style direction. You just need to choose the right model. By the way, you can do it here;
  • hygiene and ease of care – this material does not absorb dust and dirt, like its classic counterparts. And due to the fact that the mesh is easy to care for, it always retains a neat appearance;
  • strength – despite the apparent delicacy, the mesh is a rather dense material that perfectly tolerates mechanical stress. Contrary to popular belief, a high-quality mesh does not sag or stretch from constant pressure, retaining its original appearance throughout its use.



Are there any downsides?

The main question that arises for mesh chairs is whether they are so reliable and durable. And this question is meaningless. The mesh is stretched over a metal frame, which in most cases is also used in other models. Therefore, there is no reason for distrust in this regard. That is, in terms of design and ergonomics, mesh chairs meet all the necessary requirements, providing proper comfort during work. Another prejudice is environmental friendliness. High-quality mesh is produced in accordance with the required environmental protection standards and does not cause any harm to nature after disposal.

If you are wondering if it is worth buying a chair with a mesh, we recommend that you lean towards a positive answer, since this thing is practical, stylish and comfortable.