Executive Chairs

Executive Rio T PU White Ribbed Office Chair with Adjustable Arms High Back Rocking Revolving and Adjustable Height Feature

Executive Chairs
Executive Rio T PU White Ribbed Office Chair with Adjustable Arms High Back Rocking Revolving and Adjustable Height Feature

299.00 AED


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Metal. With eco-leather overlays
Lumbar support
Swing mechanism
Simple Тilting Mechanism With 1 lock the chair in the working position
Chrome steel
Gas cartridge
For parquet. Diameter rod 11mm.
Upholstery material
Packing material
Permissible load
120 kg
Assembly instructions
Recommended Height user
up to 170cm, 170-185cm, 185-200cm
Back Height
Age group

Experience comfort, style, and adaptability with the Executive Chair Rio T PU White by Breedge, a sophisticated choice for your office furniture. This chair embodies an array of distinct characteristics, providing substantial advantages, and leading to numerous benefits for its users.

The Rio T PU White is an executive chair designed for versatility and style. Its key features include an adjustable back angle, seat height customization, and a rocking mode for those moments of relaxation during a busy day. The chair comes with a sturdy crossbar, lumbar support for enhanced comfort, and cozy armrests. The stylish design is realized in white eco-leather, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any workspace. Please note, the manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes to the chair, and the color in the photo may slightly differ from the actual product. Dimensions may vary by +/- 20mm.

One of the significant advantages of the Rio T PU White is its array of customizable settings. The ability to change the back angle and adjust the seat height allows for personalized comfort, ensuring an optimal seating position for all body types. The inclusion of a rocking mode offers an element of flexibility and relaxation, a unique advantage that sets this chair apart from traditional office seating.
The benefits of the Executive Chair Rio T PU White extend beyond aesthetics and adjustable features. The lumbar support and comfortable armrests contribute to a healthier seating posture, reducing the risk of back strain and muscle fatigue, promoting overall well-being.

The customizable features cater to different working styles, enhancing productivity and comfort during long working hours. The stylish white eco-leather not only adds a touch of elegance to your workspace but also exudes a professional and leadership aura.
To sum up, the Executive Chair Rio T PU White transcends the traditional boundaries of office furniture. Its distinct characteristics, considerable advantages, and significant benefits create a unique blend of comfort, productivity, and style, transforming your workspace into a haven of efficiency and elegance.

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