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Executive Chair Parlament Natural Leather Beige

Executive Chairs
Executive Chair Parlament Natural Leather Beige

1299.00 AED

Metal. With natural leather overlays
Lumbar support
Swing mechanism
Knee Tilt Mechanism With 4 locks
Polished aluminum
Gas cartridge
For parquet. Diameter rod 11mm.
Upholstery material
Natural leather
Packing material
Polyurethane foam density 22-25 kg/cu.m
Permissible load
250 kg
Assembly instructions
Recommended Height user
170-185cm, 185-200cm
Back Height
Age group

The Executive Chair Parlament Natural Leather Beige is a luxurious and comfortable seating solution that is perfect for those who want to work or relax in style. This chair is designed with an eye for comfort and convenience, making it a top choice for any modern workspace or home office.
One of the most remarkable features of this model is its retractable footrest, which allows you to take the most comfortable position possible. This feature is not commonly found in other office chairs, and it truly sets this model apart. You can relax and unwind while working or simply taking a break, thanks to this unique feature.
In terms of upholstery, the Executive Chair Parlament Natural Leather Beige offers two options – natural leather or eco-leather. Both are high-quality materials that are durable, easy to maintain, and stylish. You can choose the option that best suits your personal taste and preferences.
The swing mechanism of this chair is another standout feature. It offers the possibility of fixing the chair in any position and adjusting the swing stiffness. This means that you can customize the level of comfort to your liking, ensuring that you feel fully supported and relaxed no matter how long you sit in the chair.
With a maximum load capacity of up to 120 kg, this chair is built to last. The crosspiece is made of chrome-plated metal, adding to the overall durability and style of the chair. The gas cartridge of 3 categories according to the standard Germany DIN 4550 ensures that the chair is both safe and stable.
Finally, the Executive Chair Parlament Natural Leather Beige is also suitable for people of high stature and dense build. This means that the chair can accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes, making it a versatile and practical seating solution.
In conclusion, the Executive Chair Parlament Natural Leather Beige is a top-of-the-line office chair that offers comfort, convenience, and style. With its retractable footrest, swing mechanism, and high-quality materials, it is sure to be a great addition to any workspace or home office.

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