Executive Chairs

Executive Nerey T PU White Office Chair with Adjustable Arms High Back Rocking Revolving and Adjustable Height Feature

349.00 AED

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Executive Chairs
Executive Nerey T PU White Office Chair with Adjustable Arms High Back Rocking Revolving and Adjustable Height Feature

349.00 AED

Metal. With eco-leather overlays
Lumbar support
Swing mechanism
Simple Тilting Mechanism With 1 lock the chair in the working position
Chrome steel
Gas cartridge
For parquet. Diameter rod 11mm.
Upholstery material
Packing material
Polyurethane foam density 22-25 kg/cu.m
Permissible load
120 kg
Assembly instructions
Recommended Height user
up to 170cm, 170-185cm, 185-200cm
Back Height
Age group

Introducing the Executive Chair Nerey T PU White by Breedge, a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and superior functionality. This chair stands out with its unique characteristics, offering compelling advantages and providing substantial benefits to the discerning user.

The Nerey T PU White boasts a modern, minimalist design featuring a comfortable low backrest and additional pillows for enhanced support. The core structure, including the crosspiece, armrests, and frame, is constructed from durable cast steel, promising reliability and resilience. Upholstered with eco-leather, the chair presents a balance between sustainability and luxury. A standout feature is the “top-gun or multiblock” swing mechanism, providing various options for comfort and flexibility. The chair is robust, capable of supporting up to 130 kg.

The selection of dependable materials, such as cast steel and eco-leather, not only adds to the longevity of the chair but also ensures a sleek, professional look. The use of additional pillows guarantees enhanced comfort, making this chair an exceptional choice for those spending long hours at the desk. The flexible swing mechanism allows you to choose the rigidity of its swing and fix the chair in an inclined position, offering customizable comfort for a variety of postures.

Investing in the Nerey T PU White executive chair is not just an investment in office furniture, but also in your comfort and productivity. The chair’s low backrest and additional pillows help reduce the risk of back strain and muscle fatigue, enhancing your comfort throughout the day. Its adjustable swing mechanism offers flexibility, catering to different seating preferences and preventing discomfort during long working hours.

The eco-leather upholstery adds an element of sophistication to your workspace, reinforcing your leadership position. The robust structure of the chair ensures it can handle a high weight load, providing peace of mind about its longevity.

In conclusion, the Executive Chair Nerey T PU White goes beyond the expectations of typical office furniture. Its unique characteristics bring numerous advantages, leading to substantial benefits for your comfort, productivity, and workspace aesthetics. It embodies a workspace that is not just about work but about well-being and leadership.

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