Top 5 Injuries You Can Get in the Office
17 October 2022

Top 5 Injuries You Can Get in the Office


It is generally accepted that working in an office is safe, and it is much more difficult to get injured there than, for example, in a plant or factory. But it is not so. It is very easy to harm your body just by sitting at the computer. In this article, we will talk about the most common pathologies that office workers are susceptible to, and learn why they occur and how to avoid them.

Injury from falling

If you think that it is impossible to get a bruise or a fracture in the office, then you are mistaken. Incorrect placement of furniture, slippery floors, unevenly laid tiles or wires, which are abundant in such places… all this makes the chance to get injury in the office 2.5 times higher than at home.

Chronic neck pain

Office work is the main cause of pain and problems with neck mobility. Most often, its cause lies in the way you sit at the table. If the chair is too low, uncomfortable, poorly adjusted, the head is lowered down, the elbows do not lie on the table. The load on the spine and muscles in the neck is extremely high. Because of this, the nutrition of the intervertebral discs is gradually disrupted and the vertebrae are displaced. And the pains become more severe, take on a chronic character.

Chronic lower back pain

There is another ailment associated primarily with the wrong choice of chair. Employees spend 8 hours or more in the workplace, and the wrong position of the lower back (too much deflection or vice versa) can seriously affect the health of the lumbar spine. Pay attention to the anatomical shape of the chair’s back to avoid lower back pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Weakness and pain in the hands is one of the main symptoms of this pathology, usually caused by an uncomfortable mouse or keyboard. Also, the reason may lie in wrong hand position, if the elbows are not resting on the table. Choose comfortable computer accessories and use a chair with comfortable armrests to avoid this.

Eye strain

In most cases, this may be due to the insufficient or, on the contrary, excessively bright lighting or the absence of breaks in work at the computer. Take a break to do eye exercises: your vision will thank you in the future.

Most of the characteristic ailments of office workers are associated with incorrect selection of furniture. Choose quality and comfortable Breedge chair to provide a higher level of protection.