Tips to choose your work-from-home chair
1 September 2022

Tips to choose your work-from-home chair


The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the lives of everyone: a significant part of office employees remained on remote work, because this option turned out to be more convenient for both employees and employers. However, in order for work from home not to harm the body and be pleasant, it is important to properly organize the workplace, and most importantly, choose a comfortable chair. In this article, we will talk about what to consider when choosing a right chair.

Avoid a normal chair or stool

This is the most important thing: you need to have a comfortable office chair to work. It is certainly possible to sit on a normal chair all day, but an uncomfortable position will lead to a loss of concentration on work tasks, and over time, it can even cause pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, the advice is obvious: no normal chairs – only a special chair that meets the requirements of ergonomics.

Decide what type of seat you need

Not everyone is suitable for a conventional operator chair. If you already have back problems or you spend all day at the computer, it is better to choose an ergonomic or even a gaming model: they are designed for a long sitting position and it will be comfortable to work in them.

Check out adjustment options

For someone, height adjustment is enough, some people want a swing mechanism or the ability to recline the back as much as possible, and others badly needs a changeable position of the armrests. Remember your office chair: did it suit you completely, or was something not enough for you?

Choose your upholstery wisely

The fabric is usually more comfortable to the body, the mesh provides better ventilation, and eco-leather is easier to care for and practically does not absorb pollution – all these materials have their pros and cons, and there is no clear right choice here. We talked about the benefits of different upholstery in previous articles and we recommend you to study the information on our channel to choose the chair that suits you best.

Design matters too

Of course, the most important thing for work is the comfort of the chair. But after all, we choose a new piece of furniture for our home, which we want to make beautiful and cozy. Fortunately, nowadays most chair models are offered in different shades, and choosing the right variation for any interior is not so difficult.

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