Tips for choosing a chair for your child
1 September 2022

The workplace of children should be given special attention. When child works in uncomfortable conditions for the body, it may have developed problems with joints and posture, and it will be difficult to correct in the future. In this article, Breedge experts tell you how to choose a chair to avoid discomfort and unpleasant feelings.

Lots of adjustments are good.

The most important thing is that the chair can be adjusted to the height and shape of your child. Due to this child will not feel discomfort.

The seat and back should be ergonomic

It means that they must repeat the anatomical curves of the body. For example, in the area of ​​​​the natural curve of the lower back the surface of the chair’s back is usually curved too (or there is a special roller). The seat must also conform certain standards and have a beveled seat’s front and a recess closer to the back, as, for example, in the Ergo Grey model. So, it will be more comfortable to sit on it, clinging to the back, and not on the edge.

Rocking and rotation mechanisms 

It is desirable that the chair has a rocking mechanism. With it, you can do a little warm-up. Sitting constantly in one position is not very good for the muscles. Especially it is difficult for a child, so the desire to sway after a long sitting is natural for it.

But the rotation mechanism is not always required. This feature is more relevant for adult’s office chairs. It is most often used to turn to a colleague to discuss a matter. The roating mechanism is also acceptable for a child’s chair, however, it should be borne in mind that children under 10-12 years old tend to quickly switch their attention. As child just looks at something at the other end of the room – the working mood disappears. This is especially important if the child has problems with control and retention of attention.

If you want to equip a workplace for yourself or your child, check the Breedge website. Use the virtual fitting to see how this or that chair will look in your room. This program is available for every chair on the website.