Myths about gaming chairs
1 September 2022

Myths about gaming chairs


Computer games have long ceased to be just amusement. Today, esports tournaments with large prize pools are held all over the world.  Professional players, or progamers, take part in high-level competitions and for them games have become the main income. The special gaming chairs have been designed that are for professionals, as well as amateur gamers who spend long hours at the computer without stopping. These kinds of chairs are extremely comfortable.

Characteristic differences of gaming chairs

Gaming chairs have been designed for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer doing strenuous video game activities while sitting or reclining. Player’s comfort is ensured by:

  • anatomically shaped high back;
  • pronounced lateral support;
  • adjustable armrests;
  • pillows under the lower back and neck;
  • upholstery in high quality eco-leather.

Another distinguishing feature is in some ways even aggressive bright design. Such models are produced by many manufacturers. The most famous is still DXRacer, but there are other interesting brands. A large collection of high-quality gaming chairs is offered by the manufacturer Breedge.

Myths and reality

There are two opposite points of view. The first is that esports is impossible without a gaming chair. This is an incredibly sophisticated and super comfortable thing that no office chair can match. The second point of view is that it is not needed at all. You can perfectly do without all these bells and whistles and take any chair. Both of these statements are a myth. A chair for gamers differs little from a high-quality office model. Only the design differs significantly, but in terms of comfort and adjustment options, both models are quite similar. As for the second statement, you can play sitting on a normal chair and even on a stool. The question is how long you can sit in an uncomfortable position and how dangerous it is for your health: curvature of the spine and other problems are guaranteed. There are other myths:

  • All chairs are the same, you can buy any. It’s not true. Now there are many manufacturers, and their products differ according to various criteria. The most budget prices are traditionally offered by Chinese and Russian brands, Japanese brands are highly functional, Korean and German are the most comfortable.
  • The most comfortable chairs are produced by DXRacer. This is the most famous manufacturer today, but the issue of the convenience of its products is quite controversial because each player has his own criteria. The products of this brand occupy an average position in terms of price and convenience in the world market.