It is important to know! 4 rules of operation of an office chair
31 August 2022

It is important to know! 4 rules of operation of an office chair


The swivel chairs have been used in offices for many years, and what they didn’t experience during this time. Violation of the operating rules, improper maintenance, untimely repair… All this can adversely affect the life of the chair and even make it unsafe for its user? In this article we will tell you what rules you need to follow to make the chair serves you for a long time without any breakdowns.

Rule one. Follow the operating conditions

The chair can be located only in dry, heated rooms, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. All materials from which office models are made are designed for room temperature. With serious temperature changes, humidity and ultraviolet radiation, chair’s back and the seat can be deformed. Also, the color of the upholstery can change and the mechanism can jam. This is especially true for inexpensive chairs.

Rule two. Avoid mechanical damage

And these are not only blows: the fact that the chairs should not be dropped is already obvious. In addition, it is unacceptable to sit on the armrests, stand on the seat, lift the chair by the armrests or the headrest. This will not necessarily lead to an immediate breakage and you will think that everything is fine. However, all components will wear out faster and the overall service life will be significantly reduced.

Rule three. Do not exceed the maximum load

Whether it is a light weight child seat or just an inexpensive office model, it is very easy to exceed the maximum load on the seat and mechanisms. If you weigh more than 220-264 pounds, the seat needs to be selected more carefully (be sure to take into account the permissible weight indicated in the description). Two or more people can not sit on the same chair together, not only because of the large total mass. The load in this case is distributed incorrectly, so it can lead to breakage. The same goes for sitting on the seat’s edge.

Rule four. Maintain your chair regularly

This is not only about cleaning, but also checking the fasteners, lubricating the rollers and eliminating all possible breakdowns, even if they seem minor. Previously, we published material about the care of the chair and we advise you to check it.