Choosing a chair for people with a height of 6 feet and above
1 September 2022

Most computer office chairs are designed for people of average height (from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall). But what about those whose height is significantly larger and exceeds 6 feet? We share the tricks for right choice in this article.

It is not just about seat height

Сhoosing a chair for their height, users often focus on the height of the seat and believe that the main difficulty in the selection lies precisely in it. In fact, most models today can be raised to a sufficient height so that they correspond to a height of 6 feet (or even 6 feet 3 inches), because of a sufficiently large air cartridge in gas lift. Make sure that in the maximum raised position, the height of the chair is higher than the lower edge of your kneecap.

Pay attention to the depth of the chair

This is an important parameter that many people forget about. A chair with great depth is not suitable for short-height people and vice versa – for a tall man it is very important that seat’s depth is enough. It provides proper low back support and helps you not to get tired after several hours in a chair. When you are sitting, the distance from the edge of the seat to the inner crook of the knee should be about the width of two fingers: if it is more, the legs will be in tension.

Back height is also important

When you are sitting at the table you lean on the back of the chair, and it will be uncomfortable to sit if it is lower than provided by the rules of ergonomics. You simply cannot lean back relaxing the muscles of the neck and collar area, and the curve of your lower back will be in the wrong place. An ideal option for tall people is a height-adjustable backrest or a removable low back cushion. This will allow you to place all the bends of the chair at the optimal height for yourself. We also advise you to pay attention to models with a headrest: they are adjustable in height and make it possible to make the chair comfortable for people with any neck length.

Breedge produces chairs for people of different heights and body types. On the Breedge website, you can use the height filter to find the right chair for you.