Are you leading sedentary lifestyle? Let’s talk about how to avoid its consequences
1 September 2022

A sedentary lifestyle is harmful: these are not guesswork, but the opinion of doctors. A sedentary lifestyle is associated with an increased risk of back and joint disease, diabetes and even cancer. But today’s world is such that we all have to sit a lot. This cannot be avoided. What to do? Breedge has conducted an investigation and shares its observations.

Move more and sit less

The first tip is the obvious one, but we will get into the details. What is stopping you from moving more? Stirring life, fatigue, lack of vigorous activity that you like. Let’s see what we can do with this.

Time. Lack of time is a problem that a competent work-life balance solves. There is a lot of popular literature about how to to strike this balance . We advise you to find and read about it.

Fatigue. Fatigue should not be ignored. The reason for a sensation of constant weariness  can be burnout, an uncomfortable workplace – we will talk about this later – or disease.

Try to take care of yourself. The mentioned work-life balance will help you get more rest. And an active lifestyle will give strength over time.

Uncertainty. Do what you like to do. Don’t force yourself. If the gym is depressing, it is just not for you. Take a closer look at Nordic walking in a picturesque park or rock climbing. And you can start just by going on the way home from work by feet.

Organization of the workplace

Earlier we talked about the fatigue. Did you know that it can occur due to prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position? The muscles of the neck tense and ache, the arms are overloaded and the back is in a wrong state for a long time. Over time, this can lead to a constant feeling of discomfort. To reduce the harm caused by long sitting, it is worth to buy a special table and chair and use them to arrange the workplace.

We recommend choosing an ergonomic chair with many adjustments: office or gaming. It needs to be customized for you. Proper adjustment will keep you comfortable and productive. If the back is straight, the legs are at an angle of 90 ° and the load is evenly distributed, it will be more comfortable and safer for the back and joints.

Take breaks

It is very important. You should not sit still for a long time even in the most well-equipped workplace – you need to take breaks as often as possible. At least once an hour. Get up to walk, warm up or stretch. If it is not possible, pick up a chair with a rocking mechanism – it provides a passive warm-up.