5 tips for choosing an office chair for people under 5 feet 5 inches tall
1 September 2022

Office chairs are often designed for people of tall or average height. And short-height people are uncomfortable with the chairs they are sitting on. What to do? Breedge experts can help you to choose the right model. Read our article to learn how.

Tip 1. Pay attention to the height

When you are sitting in a chair, your legs should be at a 90° angle to your body and your shins should be perpendicular to the floor. Based on this, you can choose the height of the seat. If the chair is too high your legs dangle, which is uncomfortable and harmful.

The seat height of modern office chairs is adjustable, but the adjustment range is various. For example, the Opera Black LB T model suits for people up to 5 feet 7 inches tall. The height control allows you to adjust the chair for short-height people. You can also buy a footrest.

Tip 2. Consider the comfort of armrests

The elbows of short-height people are also not so high, so massive armrests can interfere, not support. For example, they can be located higher than it is necessary. That is why we recommend you pay attention to the shape, height and the ability to adjust the armrests, for example, as in the Ergo Grey model.

Tip 3. Be aware of the ability to adjust

You can adjust not only the height of the seat.  There are many types of adjustments in a good chair, and all of them are useful. For example, the ability to adjust the back is important for short-height people, otherwise the anatomical bend will be in the wrong part of the back and will press on it. The more regulation options the better.

Tip 4: Choose a seat that does not strain your legs

If people with a larger frame are recommended to use wide and deep seats, then for short height everything is different. Too much depth can cause a person to “fall through” into the seat and its edges will press on the legs and can result in muscle tension.

Therefore, we have two recommendations for short-height people:

  • do not choose too deep model;
  • make sure that the front edge of your chair is slightly beveled – this helps reduce the load on the feet.

Tip 5. Do not give up on high back chairs

Even if you are short, that is no reason to avoid high-back chairs. Pay attention to the Deco model with various adjustment options. The backrest and seat can be adjusted to your needs to ensure maximum comfort for the backbone. Proper adjustment will provide support not only to the low back, but also to the shoulders and collar zone.

You can find a suitable chair in the Breedge catalog. Choose design, materials, variability of adjustments and mechanisms. Use the virtual fitting function to understand how the chair will look in your room.