10 facts about office chairs
1 September 2022

An office chair is a common piece of furniture in a workplace. However, it can also surprise. We offer a collection of interesting facts about this type of furniture.

Interesting information about office chairs:

1.The prototype of modern office chair was created by Charles Darwin. He installed his work chair on wheels to ease move around the office.

2. According to statistics, the US office workers often move without getting up from their chair. On average, they travel about 8 miles a year.

3. But in Europe, such a method of moving is recognized as bad form and threatens with fines from the management. And in Italy you will have to pay up to 10% of your salary for such fun.

4. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Germans decided to break down the stereotypes and hold office chair races. Participants need to go down the 600-feet slope.

5. Russia has its own Office Rally. It is held in Kazan. Participants are invited to overcome 82 feet of a winding track on a chair.

6. The prototype of the modern status chair is the royal throne. That is why such models are distinguished by impressiveness and solidity. However, are they all equally comfortable? This question is still worth thinking about.

7. With gaming chairs, the case is different. They are designed to provide maximum comfort to the players. To achieve this, seat ergonomics and reliability come first. The car seats of Formula 1 racers were taken as a base for gaming chair.

8. The most expensive office chairs are made to order. They are created taking into account the individual parameters and requests of the future user. The cost of such a single model can exceed 1.5 million dollars.

9. Over 16 million units of office furniture are purchased annually in Russia. At the same time, about half of this amount ends up in landfills. This represents just under 4% of the total waste. That is why the question of special disposal of office chairs has become acute.

10. Along with standard models, original designs are being developed. This is necessary to satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumers. So, the assortment of well-known manufacturers includes products in a classic style, exercise chairs, etc.